We offer tested and proven parts from well known and some not so well know suppliers.

With the plethora of choices available today it can be difficult if not impossible to determine the best approach when dealing with upgrades to any aspect of you Porsche. While many seem too good to be true, most are. The market is full of “snake oil” salesmen all pushing there wares, many with no practical experience with what they are selling,let alone what you are driving. At EPE we've had tremendous success in every form of racing we have undertaken in partnership with our many professional and amateur clients.

Over the years and through the use of scientific measurements, lap time and feedback from experienced professional as well as some of the best amateur drivers, we have been able to separate true performance enhancing parts and techniques from the often performance degrading modifications and for lack of a better word,”junk”that is currently on the market.

We offer tried and true, tested and proven parts from well known and some not so well know suppliers. We install all of the fine product that we sell and therefore can guarantee that you get all of the performance that you paid for. EPE will never use a client as the guinea pig for any product or upgrade. On occasion, a client might want to try something new, a product or technique we have little or no experience with. In that case we will work with that client to insure that he or she is never put in an unsafe situation and will always take whatever steps necessary to insure their safety at all times.



Data acquisition has become an invaluable tool for establishing racecar - and car/driver - performance. Now that the ability exists to analyze each and every performance parameter for car and driver, accurate use of this data can provide a key advantage on the racetrack. EPE provides a thorough overview of the varied methods for analyzing racecar data acquisition system outputs, with a focus on vehicle dynamics.

We can install any data aquision system, and help you analyze the resulting data, make the needed adjustments, and help you to realize the driver inputs that are satisfactory, or perhaps need a tweak or two.



An often overlooked opportunity to increase performance can be found in a gearbox.

The selection of proper gear ratios will help your car accelerate harder while allowing the driver to keep the engine in its ideal operating range. This type of enhancement translates to far better performance without compromising your vehicles reliability.

Gearbox oil coolers have also become more important than ever with the increase in engine size and power output from many Porsche engines. Installing a pump and cooler is no longer a luxury reserved for only endurance race cars. This enhancement can extend the life of all gearbox components saving far more in the long run than the modest investment they require. We also install both factory and aftermarket limited slip differentials assemblies and can also offer a comprehensive selection of final drive gear ratios.


Track driving as well as autocrossing can put stresses on clutch and flywheel assembles that were never planned for by the factory engineers.

These often overlooked components need to be considered anytime you plan on using your Porsche outside the scope of its original design parameters. Many Porsches were originally supplied with clutch discs using a rubber hub to isolate the car’s occupants from drive line noise and vibrations. More recently Porsche has moved this damping material into the flywheel assembly, referred to as a “dual mass” flywheel. While this works in most applications, it has shown to be a weak link when the car is driven in a more aggressive fashion.

The solution is the installation of a clutch disc with a spring center and in some cases, a one piece flywheel as well. We also have installed racing clutches that employ multiple discs of a smaller dimension. Selected with an understanding of the intended use of the car, as well as the expectations of the client, EPE will install a clutch and flywheel assembly that will deliver all of the performance you want, the reliability you need, and the ease of operation you have come to expect from your Porsche.



Perhaps the area of greatest compromise in any Porsche street car is in its suspension system. The car is designed to perform well under all conditions on all types of roads and in all kinds of weather, while remaining quiet, poised and easy to drive and control. However, if you plan to use your Porsche on the race track or for weekend autocrossing, EPE has the ability, knowledge and experience to modify you suspension, choosing from the broad spectrum of available options. With an expansive catalog of proven suspension packages and set ups, our staff can help guide you through the myriad of chassis upgrade options recommending those most appropriate for your intended use and maximize your driving pleasure on both the street and the track.

With the increasing availability of affordable shock absorbers with double and even triple adjustments, a driver is no longer limited to the performance enhancements offered by a simple set of aftermarket sway bars. Working with companies such as Moton, Ohlins, Bilstein, JRZ and Koni we can furnish clients with anything from replacements for their worn original equipment shocks and springs to a fully sorted race tested suspension package. The installation of mono ball bushings and mounts in conjunction with stiffer springs will permit more accurate alignment setting and enable the driver to take full advantage the latest track tire technology available. These changes will transform your car into a faster and more responsive vehicle thereby making it be easier to drive and thus a superior learning tool.


Wheels and Tires

Modern race tire technology has done more to lower lap times than any other single advancement.

Todays DOT legal track tires have capabilities well beyond the the performance envelope available in even the most exotic full race tires just a short time ago. Previously when setting up a track car, it was as simple as installing heavy duty shock absorbers, stiffer anti-sway bars and a set of sticky tires. Todays track tires can generate sufficient cornering loads to render those suspension set ups woefully inadequate. This is a prime example of the need to consider the chassis and tire combination from a completely “holistic” perspective. For example, your car was originally shod with tires designed for “normal” street use. They are made to work under all conditions including on both wet and dry roads as well as over a fairly broad temperature range. Together with the standard suspension they can allow your car to generate at most approximately .8g of cornering force. When you install track tires that have 30% greater grip potential the car will lean over much further in cornering, perhaps enough to cause the suspension to bottom out, creating a very perilous situation.

Under braking, the front tires can have enough grip to cause the nose of the car to dive so severely that the rear tires can become unloaded. This condition is will almost always result in a spin even by the most experienced driver.

With a sensible approach and an understanding of all of the components involved, we can recommend a wheel and tire combination that along with the suspension upgrades previously outlined will assure any driver achieves maximum return on their wheel and tire investments.